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Iki-jime, the CBD’s only dedicated seafood restaurant is an evolution of Shannon Bennett’s former Bistro Vue. Echoing the same principles of distinction and service that made Bistro Vue an icon of Melbourne’s culinary scene, Iki-jime is distinct in its attributes yet there remains a nod to its former incarnation in interesting and subtle ways.

This continuity is reflected in the menu where the same principles and ethos of quality and creativity boldly remain. With a focus on Australia’s best seafood, the menu embraces native ingredients, seasonality and locality.

The restaurant is named in homage to the Japanese tradition of Iki-jime, which promotes the humane killing of fish, a practice pioneered in Australia by ethical fisherman, Mark Eather, who provides the restaurant’s seafood. Eather’s ‘line-caught’ ethos opposes the trawling practices rapidly destroying the oceanic environment while the Iki-jime technique prevents stress-related toxins from being released into the flesh, leaving it pure and beautiful to eat.